Allikateatern is an independent drama group that targets children adults. It was established in Gothenburg in 1998. The group works with historical city tours, educational drama and focuses on bringing the theatre to the audience by offering a “play delivery service”, which involves, for example, performing in somebody’s living room or at a private venue.

Allikateatern wants to encourage their audiences to lower the guard through laughter; because that’s when they are caught by the seriousness of the situation. One of our primary goals is to get in touch with people who do not normally go to the theatre by offering a wide selection of productions, targeting potential groups of people and finding new platforms. We work with both existing and new plays. Our motivating force is high-quality drama, and our approach is two-pronged:

1. Theme plays

We base our production on a specific theme or problem. The themes we have worked with so far are courage and outsiders: the courage to make choices, break patterns or move away; outsiders in relation to other people or within society as a whole.

2. Educational drama

Based on the love of story-telling, we portray historical figures and scientific subjects.