Crowd Company

The Crowd Company specializes in dance drama choreographed by Marika Hedemyr. For nearly a decade, the Gothenburg-based company has created at least one new production a year. In addition to this, the company is involved in various international exchange projects. Marika Hedemyr, a graduate of London’s esteemed Laban Centre, is a contemporary dancer and choreographer and the artistic director of the Crowd Company. She creates cutting-edge dance drama pieces for public settings as well as the stage.

Innovative dance productions by top professionals is what the Crowd Company is all about. To us, the audience is a vital player in artistic encounters. A Crowd Company production has content and form. The themes are rich and layered, and the pieces are designed to appeal to people with little experience of dance performances as well as the more seasoned members of the audience. Humour and serious subjects go hand-in-hand and new venues for dance are explored.

The Crowd Company is a platform for contemporary choreography and its members also work to promote collaboration across national borders and among different art forms. The fuel for these artistic endeavours comes from personal and local experiences, set in an international perspective.