Teater Sesam

Teater Sesam was established in 1987. From the very start, the aim has been to introduce professional, innovative puppet theatre and shadow play to a wider audience. We are based in two separate venues in Gothenburg.

We have done at least one new production a year at the same time as we have continued to tour around Sweden performing to infants… Over the years, our theatre has become a hothouse for Swedish puppeteers and puppet makers. We make our own puppets and shadow figures at our studios and we organize shadow play workshops.

We have had the pleasure of representing Sweden at a number of international theatre and puppet theatre festivals, often as the only Swedish or Nordic company. Our core activities are geographically concentrated in Gothenburg, however, where we want to be perceived as an asset worthy of the country’s second largest city; a puppet and shadow play venue that is true to tradition, yet innovative.

Our aim is to strengthen the position of puppet theatre in Sweden by offering a diverse and bold repertoire. Sesam’s productions are suitable for all ages. We never compromise on quality and it is important to us to be able to present complex and artistically challenging productions even to our very youngest audiences.

We complete the illusion!