Dockteaterkollektivet is a forum for freelancing puppet theatre professionals who carry out their own projects. Our objective is to create high-quality theatre for everyone, particularly children and teenagers. Our membership is not permanent since individual members occasionally work with other companies and at their own venues. As a result, Dockteaterkollektivet receives a continuous influx of ideas and inspiration from many directions. We believe this has a positive impact on what we do.

Our lively puppet performances for children are a combination of entertainment, participation and the unexpected brought together to form a unified whole. We are a visiting theatre; we like to bring our productions to the audience. We have what it takes to perform in almost any type of venue, including small spaces that are not normally used for acting. Our productions relate to the multi-faceted contemporary life we lead. We have a humorous approach to contemporary issues of culture, language and equality.
All members are trained puppet professionals; we have the necessary skills for leading activities with children in conjunction with our performances.