Dockteaterverkstan was founded in 1977. We produce plays for children between 2 and 11 at different venues in Sweden, around the world and at festivals.

Puppet theatre is a visual medium that strongly relies on craftsmanship. It’s also full of possibilities, it makes us want to experiment and it awakens our curiosity. Puppet theatre is small-scale drama; no action, thought, feeling or vision is too large for the small stage. Each play is unique, with its own form of expression. That’s why we haven’t specialized in one type of puppet, but work with everything from table puppets, stick puppets, hand puppets, shadow puppets, string puppets, mittens, objects, etc.

Going to the theatre should be an adventure, an exhilarating experience full of surprises. It can only happen on a stage, here and now. We want to spread little seeds that confirm what we already know and at the same time open doors to the unknown – seeds that can germinate and grow.