larssons & ADAS teater

With our roots firmly planted in Gothenburg, we explore new ways of staging physical, postmodern and post-dramatic drama across the world.

The starting point of what we do is the art of the actor – the way humans are able to use their own bodies to create a space in which to share knowledge and experience with the audience. We give voice to the fractured, partly forgotten stories that emanate from the artist’s own experience and his or her desire to contribute to the dialogue that takes place on stage.

We who have been running this theatre since 2004 are drama veteran Sören Larsson and actor/playwright Fia Adler Sandblad. Our productions are performed on the small, intimate stage that is the Konstepedimin studio theatre and around Gothenburg, Sweden and the world.

Actor/playwright Fia Adler Sandblad has a degree in acting from the University of Gothenburg and a General Certificate of voice studies from the Roy Hart Theatre.

Director and drama teacher Sören Larsson trained as an actor in Stockholm in the 1950s and with Jerzy Grotowski in Poland in the 1960s. He works with a method he calls Body Poetry (a whole chapter was dedicated to this approach in a recently published history of drama). His specialty is the actor’s body as a source of experience.