Ögonblicksteatern is one of Sweden’s oldest independent theatre companies. When it was founded in 1974, it was only intended to exist for one, unique performance. Fortunately, things turned out differently – the desire to continue the creative process was too great among its members. Today, Ögonblicksteatern has found its place and has staged many successful productions in Umeå and nationwide over the years.

In our view, culture is a vital part of the life of each individual, and we want our productions to be entertaining as well as unsettling. We mainly perform to children, from the very young to teenagers, but occasionally to those of us who are commonly referred to as “adults”.

In our view, culture occurs at the moment when artist meets audience. In our view, a work of art is never static. In our view, culture is about giving each and everyone access to a space that offers both inspiration and opportunities for self-expression. We are therefore dedicated to making the performing arts available to everyone. Our theatre is fully accessible, and we create opportunities for both amateurs and professionals to participate on stage. Everyone can join in, culture is for all!