Skottes Musikteater

Skottes Musikteater is one of Sweden’s oldest independent drama groups. We have staged around 90 productions over a period of 30 years.

Skottes Musikteater perform affectionate, expressive stories full of unexpected twists and turns, told with an ear for music, drama and the joy of acting. We want to offer theatergoers an experience that stays with them long after they have left the theatre.

We frequently arrange family events, children’s activities or work with drama teachers, preschools or schools in conjunction with our performances.

Skottes Musikteater is based in Gävle. Our productions target young and adult audiences. We tour nationwide on a regular basis.

Our sponsors are Statens Kulturråd and the Municipality of Gävle. We co-operate with ABF Gästrikebygden.