Skuggteatern is an independent theatre based in Ålidhem and the first borough theatre to open in Umeå. We perform new plays and work extensively with improvisation and audience participation. Skuggteatern was established in 2001. Today, it is an important part of the Umeå children’s and young adult theatre scene.

“Improshowen” is a Skuggteatern success story, playing to a full house year after year. As of 2010, it goes under the name of Impro Club, a popular, fun warm-up with lots of audience participation and music. One of our greatest aims is to inspire interest in drama and to provide art and culture for everyone.

Our popular children’s shows are also improvisation-based. We have a diverse production schedule, both performing in Umeå and touring the north of Sweden.

We strive to engage the audience by tapping into our own experience, values and prejudices in order to be critical, entertaining and innovative on stage. Skuggteatern mix humour and seriousness to create a space where actors and audience can meet.