Teater 23

Teater 23 is one of Sweden’s oldest independent theatre companies. In 1958, a group of young enthusiasts with Per Åhlin at the helm came across the potato storage room in Södra Förstadsgatan 23, Malmö, that was to become the home of a very ambitious amateur theatre group and a hothouse for a large number of Sweden’s theatre professionals. Teater 23 have moved from being a vanguard basement theatre via political umbrella organization, idealistic independent theatre company operating in the suburbs of Stockholm and touring children’s theatre to the super hybrid of all these that it is today. Teater 23 is now based at an attractive theatre in central Malmö.

Today, Teater 23’s main objective is to work with productions of high artistic quality, primarily for children and young adults, at venues in Malmö, Skåne and across Sweden. We continue to produce high-quality performances and are constantly looking for innovation by seeking out new co-operation partners and alternative working methods. This has resulted in a large number of well-received productions, which are often based on new, hot material.