Teater De Vill

Teater De Vill is an independent theatre with our venue in Pipersgatan 4, Stockholm. We work with a wide range of artistic forms of expression. Our projects deal with contemporary society, often giving voice to marginalized groups. In our plays, we explore attitudes, prejudices, standards, etc. We arrange audience seminars in conjunction with performances where issues relating to the play’s subject matter are discussed.

Teater De Vill has a special interest in projects that deal with disability and accessibility. In this context we have performed with integrated ensembles and led seminars and courses on accessibility, acting etc.

We have toured Sweden with plays that were much appreciated in the schools we visited. Our projects have generated a great deal of interest in the media, positive reviews and audience reactions. Every year, Teater De Vill’s productions are viewed by some 20,000 Swedish school children.