Teater Eksem

Teater Eksem performs in Gothenburg, throughout Sweden and the rest of the world. We create plays for adults and children with the aim of being that scab you can’t stop picking, the pain in your muscles after an intense workout or the way you feel when you are so deeply in love that you give up eating and sleeping. No one is allowed to sleep their way through the last act.

The corner stones of Teater Eksem are us, its members; our joy of working together and our love of theatre. We are motivated by our passion for issues that are close to us and those that lie beyond our private sphere. We want to work for and with our audience. We strive to discover, portray, bring to the fore and keep turning over the age in which you and we live as well as our past. We want to regenerate ourselves and the dramatic arts by portraying dreams, desires, concerns, lust, perversion, feelings and thoughts.

Teater Eksem also organize drama courses and workshops.