Teater Kurage

You never know what to expect when you come to Teater Kurage, only that you will be surprised, challenged, entertained and moved. Since every performance we do requires its own form and unique universe, we refuse to define ourselves as belonging to any particular genre.

Teater Kurage consists of Sara Estling and Rebecca Alvefors. We are actors more than anything else, and at our theatre we focus on the encounter between the actors on stage and between the actors and the audience. We take complex, challenging interpretations for granted. Our plays are about being human here and now and about our desire to match our inner reality with the outside world.

As in life, we make no distinction between comedy and tragedy, we think that every performance needs both. Nor do we distinguish between young and adult audiences. Everyone has the right to see high-quality theatre that takes the audience seriously.

One fundamental principle of our work is our collaboration with other artists who are not afraid of contributing their own view of life and art. Each performance involves a unique set of people. Teater Kurage is born anew with each performance.

Teater Kurage runs Hagateatern in Gothenburg in co-operation with Teater Tamauer.