Teater Marang

Teater Marang was established in 2000 by the actor Suzanne Rangstedt and the guitarist Bengt Magnusson. We wanted to explore ways of mixing spoken word, music and physical expression in a way that is easy for the audience to take in. Since then, we have made several children’s and family performances based on classical folk tales. They are in the form of humorous, creative stories accompanied by original guitar music, celebrating the joy of acting!

Children today are constantly exposed to an enormous, fast-moving flood of impressions, and there is a growing focus on material things. This has made us want to use forms of expression that are as simple as possible. Our sets and props have to fit into a suitcase. We focus on human story-telling! With few props and basic lighting arrangements we are also able to meet our environmental goals: to travel on public transport as much as possible, to shop locally and to recycle the materials we use.

We are pleased to say that there are many who like what we do, and as it turns out, we have an audience with a background in countries where story-telling is a living tradition and who are relatively new to the Swedish language.

contact: marang@bredband.net