Teater Pero

Teater Pero was established in 1983 by Peter Engkvist and Roger Westberg. Ten years later, Teater Pero took over the former Rialto cinema in Stockholm. Peter Engkvist is the current artistic leader.

Teater Pero performs to children, teenagers and adults. The theatre has become known for what it describes as its artistic signature – mime. “Over the years, Pero has developed an aesthetic language whereby the actors carry the narrative, the characters, the course of events and even build up an entire set on stage with a great deal of good-humoured miming and much physical verbosity.” Dagens Nyheter

Teater Pero is well-established in Stockholm and, because touring forms an important part of what we do, the rest of the country. Many of our productions have participated at theatre festivals and other events worldwide.

Our theatre accepts guest performers, which means that we have a diverse and varied programme in daytime as well as in the evenings, catering for both children and adults ”…/ Peros Teater/a cultural hot spring. Peros Teater is a versatile and vibrant theatre with a repertoire that includes productions suitable for adults and children alike as well as guest performances.” Svenska Dagbladet