Teater Sagohuset

Imagination is a force that makes what seems impossible possible.

Teater Sagohuset is an independent theatre established in 1987 by Margareta Larson, the company’s artistic leader. Both new works by Sweden’s best playwrights and dramatizations of classical myths for children, teenagers and adults are found on their repertoire.

Teater Sagohuset also works with educational projects and story-telling. They have an extensive, international contact network and co-operate with actors, story-tellers, directors, stage designers, musicians and artists from all over the world. Teater Sagohuset runs their own theatre in Lund and tours in Sweden and abroad.

Teater Sagohuset’s productions offer mythical interaction between gods and men, accounts of lives of forgotten people and stories about modern life that give voice to “the others” – those who are not normally found in leading roles and who are not heroes or idols. Teater Sagohuset works deliberately with the all various forms of expression available to them in order to show how imagination can liberate ingrained opinions and antiquated values in order for new, dizzying perspectives to open up and bring on life-affirming changes resulting in a better world.