Teater Tropos

Teater Tropos, established in 1999, is a visiting repertory theatre that performs new plays for children, teenagers and adults. One of our most important objectives is to work actively to reach everyone, which includes performing geographically close to the audience, reaching out to all ethnic and social groups and working to clarify the importance of theatre and the role of drama in schools.

We want to explore human traits, abilities and inabilities, ask questions and make statements from an artistic point of view. Not because we want to impose our own ideas, but in order to discover what happens to our creations in front of an audience. As artists, we must never assume to have the preferential right of interpretation. The work of art consists of the encounter between drama and audience. In order for this to be successful, we must lend ourselves, our thoughts and our emotions to our creation, and our motto must be “truthfulness”.