Teateri was founded in 1997 by a group of theatre people of different nationalities who were living in Jönköping.

We are a contemporary theatre company. We have an international profile and we perform all over Sweden. We perform in primary, secondary and upper-secondary schools and give public performances for adults. We perform to everyone who has not yet lost their “young ears”.

Teateri aims to reflect and to be heard, to be a voice that dares to question things and that makes people reflect and become aware of complex contemporary issues. We collaborate with pedagogues and organizations that put human values first. We are committed to creating professional drama based on social issues and contemporary ideas, and to developing an acute understanding of current trends. We aim to widen our field to encompass Europe and the rest of the world.

We are the only independent, professional theatre company in the County of Småland, and as such, we are an important complement to institutional theatres and amateur drama groups.

Most of our work is done on tour. Our most important target group is children and teenagers. We try to set up one major production for young people and/or adults every year, on the subject of some current theme, and which is more demanding in terms of technology and type of venue, and one smaller-scale production for children that can be performed at almost any type of venue.